Snake race or Group Obstacle race is held after the command task.  In this the group is given a material called as Snake made up of jute, thick clothes which are usually some what weight.  The length of the snake is 6-8 feet in length.

Rules for holding the Snake:-

1. Once the snake or the Load is picked up at start line it can't be kept down till the finish line is reached.

  1. The snake is not to be shortened or folded in any respect.
  2. While running the snake must be kept parallel to the ground.
  3. The snake will follow the same path as by the group members.
  4. While running from obstacle to obstacle (between the obstacle) all the candidate of the group must hold on to the snake.
  5. While Doing an obstacle a minimum of3 candidates have to hold on to the snake.

War Cry:-
     The G.T.O gives a option to the candidates to choose a war cry.  A war cry is nothing but a short inspirational quote used at the time of doing some missionary tasks.


Expectation of the G.T.O from the candidates in Snake Race:-

  1. The candidate should not violate the rule.
  2. He should help his team members.
  3. He should give his hand for the weak to climb the high wall.
  4. He should not worry to make his white clothes to mud.
  5. He should keep his group in front of him rather than putting the self.
  6. He should able to keep an eye over every individual by not violating rules and also the self so that the group moves ahead without any minus marks.

Obstacles in Group Race or Snake Race:-

  1. Spider web
  2. Parallel big size iron pipe painted with white, red alternatively, the candidate has to cross it without touching the red lines and bend his body such that making the letter ‘S’.
  3. 10 feet wall.
  4. Crossing parallel walls – In between these walls, a pipe is laid to cross.


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